Zoom After School Art Classes

To Register for our ZOOM After School Virtual Art Classes, there are two steps:

  1. **Please email me at Bethpaints@gmail.com, and send me **the date you’d like to sign up for, **your child’s name and their email address where I may invite you to the Zoom Session.

  2. **For payment, please pay through Venmo, $40 for each class to @Beth-Hird. My cell is 510-604-0036 if you need the last four digits. Or log onto Paypal (click on the blue word PayPal) and go to “Send Money” option, then pay $40 for each class, to  Bethpaints@gmail.com,  Friends and Family option only, please.

More information on our After School Virtual Art Offerings:

Upside Down Drawing!
We will draw several images upside down – it’s fun! All you need for materials are some paper – 4-5 sheets, computer paper or art paper of that same size, a pencil, an eraser, and if you have it on hand, color media like color pencils, oil pastels, color markers, or even watercolor. Nothing fancy! If you don’t have any color materials, no problem! And if you can find a photo of something personal, something you really like, that’s great too! This project trains the eye to see shapes, proportions, and lights and darks (tonal values) and in this you use a photograph or image, but draw from it upside down.

We will create one or two collages – you will need magazines, scissors and glue, or tape, and a backing to glue it on. (Can be a big or small piece of paper, cardboard, color construction paper, etc.).  Collage “choices” can range from things of a certain color, things of a certain texture, etc., and/or any other ideas or themes that you choose. You may cut up your own drawings, or photos, too! 

 Interpretive Sculpture!
We will collect materials around the house to make into sculptures. This can be very broadly interpreted by the students, giving a lot of freedom for creativity in finding and using things for sculpture that might not otherwise be thought of for that use. For example, some basics could be aluminum foil, toothpicks, paper clips, paper towel rolls, etc., but there are many, many others.

Draw Your Favorite Animal: Dogs! Cats! Birds!
We will draw several animals, such as dogs, cats and birds, learning how to create the look of fur, claws, feathers and beaks! We will focus on shapes, proportions, textures and contours of each animal. Students are encouraged to bring a photo of their favorite animal or pet to draw from.

 Draw Imaginary Creatures: Dragons! Unicorns! We will draw several imaginary creatures, such as dragons, unicorns and hippogriffs, and also create our own imaginary creatures, from fusing body parts of several different types of animals. There’s no limit to the creativity that stems from this project!

Drawing Human Portraits! We start this instruction with a general template of facial proportions, which we practice together, and then draw several portraits, either from photographs or from life using a mirror (self portrait). Students may use a photo of their own to draw from.

Still Life Drawing!
We will create several still life drawings. Starting from a simple cylinder, and working towards a complex group of objects, we will learn techniques like shading, proportion, overlap, contour lines, texture, blind contour, and perhaps color, depending on what materials the students already have on hand. Students are encouraged to bring their own objects to create a still life they love!

 Drawing Ocean Creatures!
Starting with whales, dolphins and narwhals, and exploring sea turtles, monk seals and tropical fish, we will plumb the depths of the ocean to discover the hidden treasures from which we can draw inspiration to make art. From detailed clownfish hidden in anemones, to broad seascape paintings of the full moon setting over the ocean, we will experiment with different media to create paintings and drawings inspired by the ocean.

Drawing Landscapes!
We will learn basic landscape drawing skills, demonstrating atmospheric, tonal, and one, two, and three point perspective. It’s a slightly more complex project, but very rewarding in terms of learning these skills. We will also do a fun and simple torn paper landscape, which shows how color can create depth in a landscape ‘collage painting’.

Drawing/Painting Flowers!
We will draw and paint several flowers, taking time to observe shapes, colors and contours of the petals, leaves and stems. We’ll learn about creating a sense of depth and space, while working from both photos and real flowers. Students are encouraged to bring photos of a favorite flower to work from, or an actual flower in a small vase.