Summer Art Camp 2023 Overview

Dear Parents,

The magic of Summer Art Camp begins this year on June 12th! This is our 25th Anniversary Year, and we’re very excited to have you with us! We will be bringing a variety of new materials and techniques, with an emphasis on learning, creativity and imagination.

Each camp day has plenty of structure and practice, and we have lots of fun in the process. I love to work with each student, one-on-one, to see what their unique interests are!

Please watch our video about our camp:

We demonstrate a variety of methods and ways of making art to nurture artistic development. We also provide lessons on color theory and famous artists in art history, go on field trips, and host special guests to spark the creative process. We wholeheartedly encourage individual exploration of personal themes and interests. And we value working together and sharing ideas.

IMG_0328 (1)We limit each summer camp session to 12-15 students, so that each student receives individual attention. Making art develops problem-solving skills, encourages creativity, and develops self-confidence. Our goal is to provide the materials, structure, and guidance to spark creativity in each child, allow them to explore and investigate their own ideas, and have lots of fun in the process.
Our philosophy is to encourage students to explore and express themselves with an emphasis on practice over product, without judgment, comparison, or criticism.
All art materials are safe and non-toxic. Ages 6-13, regular campers, and 14-17, counselors in training.
New schedules available due to interest and different family needs:
*9am to 3pm for $600/week*
*8:30am to 4:30pm for $725/week*
On Fridays, camp ends at 3pm.
Daylong Immersion Days are also available.
Our camp is located at the Marigold School, on 62nd St, between California and Market.
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Schedule for Summer Art Camp 2023 
Week 1: June 12-16 Drawing 
Week 2: June 19-23 Paint: Color
Week 3: June 26-June 30 Animals & Imaginary Creatures 
Week 4: July 3-7 People & Faces
Week 5: July 10-14  Landscape, Still Life & Oceans 
Week 6: July 17-21  Drawing
Week 7: July 24-July 28 Animals & Imaginary Creatures 
Week 8: July 31-August 4 Paint: Color
Week 9: August 7-11 Landscape, Still Life & Oceans 
Week 10: August 14-18 Drawing
Week 11: August 21-25 Animals & Imaginary Creatures