Paint Dancing

IMG_0903Paint Dancing will be returning in January 2016~

DANCING…… PAINTING…… BOTH! Paint Dancing in West Berkeley! We offer you a fun and supportive community devoted to creative expression through art, dance, and both at the same time. We meet every Second and Fourth Saturday evening of the month, from 7-9:00pm, at Dancing Paintbrush Studio in west Berkeley, 700 Gilman at 4th St., and we donate 25% of our profits to the Alameda County Community Food Bank ( ). Be sure to scroll all the way down to read all the sections on WHAT TO EXPECT, WHAT TO BRING,

Paint Dancing RSVP ticket $20.00

WHAT TO EXPECT: * a warm welcome * the freedom to dance, paint, or do both at the same time, according to how you feel * music that is eclectic, evocative, and movement-inducing, including funk, world music, positive hip hop, electronica, R&B, reggae, house, blues, jazz, dance classics and more * Twenty-two colors of premixed nontoxic water-soluble paint, and as many big sheets of high-quality acid-free paper as you need * a group of friendly, fun-loving, non-judgmental people to share in your dancing and painting

WHAT TO BRING: * your friendly, fun-loving, non-judgmental self, dressed for a little mess (NOT “dressed to impress”), wearing comfy shoes for dancing * $15-$25 sliding-scale admission (CASH only) * your own water bottle to drink from (we have the water) * No smoke, alcohol, or drugs. Wheelchair accessible for painting and dancing, but the very small restroom is not wheelchair accessible. There is a wheelchair accessible restroom at Jimmy Bean’s Cafe, 2.5 blocks away on Gilman Street, open until 9:30 pm. Let us know when you RSVP if you’ll be using a chair


Q: Can I get in free?

A: Maybe! Two people can request free admission when they RSVP, in return for a half hour of cleanup help at the end.

Q: How long has this been going on, and who else is doing it?

A: We hosted ten painting and dancing events in Berkeley during 2007-8. Unbeknownst to us, painter and hunger awareness activist Matt Jones began hosting Paint Dancing events in his Seattle studio and gallery in 2007. Matt has since spread his vision to other metropolitan areas. When we saw what Matt was up to, we were inspired to join in! See for more about Paint Dancing, and read press coverage. It is Matt’s vision to have Paint Dancing events throughout the Bay Area and around the world. We are thrilled to be the first hosts of the region and are committed to helping others expand the dream!

Q: I’m not good at dancing (or painting), and I’m afraid I’ll feel inhibited and judged.

A: We can’t guarantee how you’ll feel, but we can guarantee that you’re not alone in those fears. Lots of us share those feelings to some extent. In our community, feelings like this fade away pretty fast.

Q: What if I just want to dance (or just want to paint)?

A: In any moment, you’re free to dance, paint, or do both at the same time.

Q: Do I need to bring a partner to dance? What if I want to dance on my own? Where do people dance?

A: No, you don’t need to bring a partner. Some people dance while they paint, in front of the painting-in-progress tacked to the wall. Some people dance out on the dance floor, away from the painting areas. Some people choose to dance solo – as part of the crowd; others choose to dance in partnership or in spontaneously-forming small groups. It’s up to you. There is no “wallflower” area for standing around – everyone is always painting, dancing, or doing both.

Q: Is all the painting “solo?”

A: No. We provide a helpful labeling system so you can decide and control if you want to paint solo or join in a collaborative creation.

Q: Can I take my paintings home?

A: Yes. If you co-create with others, you’ll have to cross that bridge when you come to it. Paintings left behind are reused or recycled.

Q: Is this a class to learn how to paint or dance?

A: No. But you’ll learn something new if you come ready to paint and move.

Q: Why do you donate 25% of your profit to Alameda County Community Food Bank?

A: International Paint Dancing founder Matt Jones is committed to reducing hunger (he also founded the anti-hunger group, and we share his vision that we can do good deeds for the community while doing our funky and creative thing.

Q: Why isn’t the exact location posted here?

A: The exact location, in west Berkeley, near the Gilman exit off the 80/580, is only given to people who RSVP. Too big a crowd would spoil our event.

THE DETAILS: Every Second and Fourth Saturday of the month – 7:00 pm-9:00 pm. Admission only by RSVP. You may RSVP via Meetup if you’re a member. West Berkeley near the Gilman St. Exit from 80/580 (16 minutes drive from SF Museum of Modern Art; 18 minutes from the Dance Shop in downtown San Rafael) Exact location given when you RSVP $20-$30 sliding scale admission (cash only); 25% of profit to Alameda County Community Food Bank. No smoke, alcohol, or drugs. Wheelchair accessible for painting and dancing, but the very small restroom isn’t wheelchair accessible. There’s a wheelchair accessible restroom at Jimmy Bean’s Cafe, 2.5 blocks away on Gilman St, open until 9:30pm
Let us know when you RSVP if you’ll be using a chair.Looking forward to our next gathering, Your Berkeley host, Beth Hird. Beth holds a Master of Fine Arts Degree, and has been teaching art since 1986 (see and ).